Gi2C Group is a company that provides access to internship opportunities in China

Posted by Admin | October 29th, 2015

Gi2C Group is a company that provides access to internship opportunities in China. They have recently added a new internship program to their range of offerings. This is an internship program that guarantees an internship at one of the top five-hundred companies in China. This is an incredible opportunity for people who otherwise would probably not be able to get noticed by one of the biggest companies in one of the largest economies in the world.

There are a number of incredibly large and successful companies in China that this internship would open up to others. China has innovative and dynamic companies that would be exciting for many people to intern in, but too often these are essentially closed off to others. The good news is that this new program by Gi2C Group can open up numerous possibilities by making a guarantee, a promise, that the individual in question will receive an internship with one of the Top 500 companies in China.

Gi2C Group is able to offer a range of packages, including standard and premium programs, in addition to the new Top 500 Package. No matter which internship package the interns who go to Gi2C Group choose, they have some chance of being placed at a Top 500 company in China due to their abilities, skills, backgrounds, and accomplishment, but this program leaves nothing to chance. It is a rock-solid guarantee that the intern will be placed with one of those highly successful companies. This looks great on a resume and is the goal of many individuals who wish to intern, so Gi2C Group thought about how to make it realistic for people without having to simply roll the dice.

This is not the only option that is available through Gi2C Group. There are a range of programs and packages in which interns can choose from a range of industries, regions, and durations for how long they want to stay in China. With more and more Chinese companies looking to transition to international operations, they are increasingly looking to take on internships from overseas. Gi2C Group is a company that helps people to “Get into China” through high level internships.