Gi2C Group is a leading China internship company

Posted by Admin | November 5th, 2015

Gi2C Group is a leading China internship company that helps people to Get into China. The company is headquartered in Beijing, China. Wiseway Global, which is a Hong Kong company specializing in education consulting, announced on August 6th, 2015, that the two companies were merging. This was a merger that was aimed at increasing operational efficiencies. It also allowed the new company to leverage economies of scale and expand their geographic presence to meet demand more effectively.

Gi2C Group’s merger with Wiseway Global has created a number of exciting opportunities for interns, both currently and those who will work with them in the future. Yuri Khlystov is the Chief Executive Officer of Gi2C and has indicated a strong level of excitement about the merger and what it means for the company’s future. It created a situation where Gi2C Group almost immediately created new areas of growth for the company. He firmly believes that the merger will yield a number of synergies and benefits for many years to come. Wiseway Global maintained a stellar reputation in the industry. Gi2C Group is pleased to have the opportunity to create and deliver meaningful internship experiences in China, now on a much larger scale than before.

Gi2C Group with the help of this new merger is able to focus on finding opportunities for their clients to live in China to gain vital vocational or educational experience and insights. Sharing assets and capitalizing on their international experience will allow these companies to become one stronger organization.

Wiseway Global’s mission, prior to merging with Gi2C Group was to provide customers with high quality, professional, education consulting services. It was one of the earliest approved international education services institutions that existed under the National Ministry of Education. Gi2C Group works to place individuals at internships in some of China’s largest and most respected businesses. There is no better option for someone looking to get an internship in China. If you want to get your foot in the door of China in a way that is safe, responsible, and respectable, then getting into contact with Gi2C is the only way to go.